Vision Statement

Victory is the largest distributor of diesel fuel in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Victory, through the distribution of diesel, will reduce the dependence on petroleum products, reduce hazardous emissions and position the company to replace market share of fossil fuel as it’s availability decreases and world energy demands increase.

At Victory, our long-term strategy is to offer superior returns through perpetual growth, with a vision to link our financial performance with areas of extended responsibility to our customers, the environment and to social and economic stakeholders who depend on us.

We will operate under the very highest standards of business conduct. We will treat people fairly and communicate promptly, completely and accurately with our customers, employees, suppliers, community members, shareholders, regulators and all others with whom we do business. We will not mislead these stakeholders and will only make promises to them that we can keep. At Victory, your word and a handshake should be considered binding.


At Victory, safety is everybody’s top priority at work, at home and as an example to others. Our goals are simply stated: “No harm to people, no accidents and no damage to equipment or the environment.” That is why we commit to a continuous improvement safety process at all our facilities. We also are continuously strengthening safety processes in all of our contractor relationships with an emphasis on product stewardship and the safe transport of our products.


As a leader in our industry and in our communities, we take responsibility (individually and collectively) for our actions. We are proactive- continuously reviewing our practices to ensure continuous improvement. Our Best Practices Program takes safety, operational, environmental and production processes that are successful at Victory facilities and develops them as company-wide Best Practices, putting them to work throughout all of our operations.


Education is at the core of our business. Internally, we educate each other by clearly and truthfully explaining company policies, programs and practices. We ensure that all employees and contractors are well informed, well trained, engaged and committed to our Safety, Health and Environmental improvement process. Our emphasis is on open, honest employee relations and safety programs. Externally, we teach safety, and provide science-based explanations of how our products contribute to our independence of foreign sources of energy, and environmentally friendly emissions products. That’s why we empower all of our employees to teach, building leaders at every level of the company and in our communities. We also learn from Best Practices, developing functional benchmarks and determining what methods work best within our facilities and operations.

Victory establishes goals and objectives for its fiscal, safety, environmental and social performance. These priorities and our Code of Conduct are accessible to the public, government officials, customers and investors to aid them in understanding the company’s direction, values and overall progress.